Wednesday, July 28, 2010


As reported in CNN "Fortune", 3-D movies are already slipping.

I am not surprised. 3-D is simply not ready. The picture is mud.

A couple of people have told me that they found Avatar (and its image) to be "immersive". Never have I been so aware that I am watching an image on a screen... one which is dark, soft, and non-immersive. Not unlike a chain smoker wanting to pull out a fag in a non-smoking area, my hand kept going up to my conversion glasses to pull them off my face.

A few years ago I read that a lot of people walk around with less than adequate vision. These must be the ones who do not notice how crappy the 3-D image is.

At the risk of sounding like a Gerry Todd, you need 16 foot-lamberts to make good movie projection (in a theatre).

CNN report...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Sad news this is. Canadian actor Maury Chaykin dies at the age of 61. I used to see him walking down Bloor Street here in Toronto. Not only was he larger than life on the big and small screen, but he was an imposing size in real life.

Chaykin was always dependable: One of those actors a producer could throw in their movie or television show and he would fit right in... whether the part was big or simply a turn to the camera.

Internet Movie Database (IMDb) listing for Maury Chaykin...

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Well, ladies and gentlemen, I did my usual round of newspaper scanning this morning and found out that columnist Eric Margolis has been pushed from the pages of the Toronto Sun. Why? Simple really. He says too many things which upset a lot of people in power here in Canada.

One of my favourite stories related to Margolis is a certain letter-to-the-editor to the Toronto Sun (which now carries oodles of irony). It went something like this...

Some readers hate Eric Margolis because he tells an informed truth and usually ends up being proven right.

You are right.


This news watchdog has a duty to continue reading the Toronto Sun but, certainly, this makes that paper even more irrelevant than before. Besides, its readership has plummeted in the last few years.

Maybe Sun owner Quebecor thinks it can capture the 'ignorant market'.

"There's a whole untapped market out there! I want it on my desk in the morning!"

The news...

Saturday, July 24, 2010


How can anyone who considers theirself a human being not feel some pathos while reading this story?...

Or, as Joe Flaherty as a very inebriated Ward Cleaver once said, and I'm paraphrasing here, "maybe 90 days in the slammer ought to teach you a lesson!"

As a guy who very casually follows the cult of celebrity, I admit that even faux-celebrities, like L.L., think they are special and should be treated differently. (We know that they are, and more importantly, 'they' know that they are treated differently from the bulk of the population.)

And Mr. Conrad Black is henceforth sprung from his prison abode...

Thursday, July 22, 2010


When you have 22 minutes free, check out this fascinating interview with film director Ridley Scott. I love hearing stories from artists as to how they got to where they are today. Scott talks of his art school training, his brief tenure in the States, to the BBC, then his break into commercials.

Directors with visual arts backgrounds: Alfred Hitchcock; Stanley Kubrick; James Cameron; Fritz Lang; and on and on...

The goods...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


For those of you keeping score, yes, I have not posted a lot in the last few weeks. It's the heat. The life-sucking, pep-busting, heat.

Any energy I do have -- which is a bit -- has to go into constructive things. Like a U-boat waiting it out on the sea bed while a depth charge attack rains down from above, I'm conserving battery power. I tap the cracked temperature gauge (thermometer) with my finger and see that it is not working...

Monday, July 12, 2010

HARVEY PEKAR (1939 - 2010)

I just found out that comic book writer Harvey Pekar passed away today at the age of 70. Twenty minutes ago I was looking through my photo files and came across his picture.

Pekar was an interesting guy...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The first season (or "series", as the British would say) of one of the greatest dramatic television programs of all time, The Twilight Zone, is coming to the Blu-ray format on September 14th.

Maybe some day I will get a Blu-ray player.

All I care about, really, is when My Mother the Car gets released to Blu-ray. It would probably look fantastic.

Here's to television brilliance (and look at those fantastic 'extras')...

Monday, July 5, 2010


After reading Toronto Star book columnist Geoff Pevere's review of the new book "The Warhol Gang", I noticed this welcome bit of intelligence...

"This is Geoff Pevere’s final appearance as books columnist. He continues as a Star entertainment writer."

Whether I agree with Mr. Pevere, film to film, or not is hardly important to me -- as did the late Pauline Kael, he always has something intelligent to say, and wraps it in an all-important cultural or societal context. In a world where many critics think film history is how much money Avatar made last weekend (and they often screw this fact up by not knowing the difference between "gross" and the more important and relevant "net"), an entertainment writer of Pevere's quality is all too rare... in Toronto, certainly.

Friday, July 2, 2010


The Netherlands has just (one second ago) created their own strain of World Cup Major Upset by eliminating Brazil. (!)

The final: Netherlands 2, Brazil 1.


I just wrapped up reading the book "George Lucas Interviews". He is an interesting and smart man; plus he is well balanced. In one chapter, Starlog Magazine writer/editor Kerry O'Quinn asks Lucas about some people liking a movie too much, but also questions whether it is harmful to get "carried away" over movies. The Star Wars creator answers with this...

"No, not really. I think it might be harmful to let it become all-consuming in one's life, because there are a lot more important things in life than a movie. I think that if someone became completely consumed by it they would lose their sense of getting something accomplished in the real world. There is a danger there."

Not only do I agree, as someone who loves movies, but I find it sad when I see people like that. Besides, the days are long, sunny, and the scenery is wonderful... better than any movie could ever be.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Happy Canada Day!... again.

Why do these happen with such frequency?

Never enough, my love!