Monday, February 29, 2016


As per the standard mode for me I am doing some serious work on my computer while listening to the news radio. Why not keep an ear open for what's going down in the world today, including the Oscar results (which I really care about). Who's spotlight?

One thing that made my left ear rotate in the manner of a cat's audio receptor: A new contract agreement shall see New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady stick with the team through to 2019. I processed that by thinking, "that's quite a few years from now... will Brady still be playing then?"

Then I gave my head a shake: It's 2016 right now... today! Why do I think it's 2006 (or something like that)?

A friend of mine has a theory: Time speeds up as one grows older.

Monday, February 22, 2016


It is so nice to read columns from a bright conservative -- they do exist. Read today's piece from National Post writer Michael Den Tandt...


Mr. Den Tandt is correct: Conservatives can't win by being the party of angry old men.

His piece on Justin Trudeau from a few days ago was very good. While I don't agree with everything he said, there, Tandt is right when he says that our new Prime Minister is approachable and engaging (as in: what a difference!)

... and the Toronto Sun continues to be more and more irrelevant.

Saturday, February 20, 2016


The Toronto Sun never ceases to amuse me. Case in point: Editor responses to letters-to-the-editor from the last couple of days...

* "(Trudeau will blunder his way through the next four years)"
* "(Let us know how you feel about Trudeau in four years)"

The latter quip was made in response to a letter which, I should note, made a good point. Trust the Toronto Sun to be insanely bitter over a certain man's ascendancy to the top office. The name of Justin Trudeau drives them crazy.

The Toronto Sun drives me to... read more of their childish nonsense. There's humour in that rag.

Addendum: Contrary to what the reader may think from my opinions on the Toronto Sun, I would never feel amusement from seeing them go out of business. My only wish is they would return to what they were years ago: A feisty little newspaper. Calling them a "newspaper" now is stretching the truth. Standard news stories, which you would expect to just report the news, end up as editorials. It's all rather unfortunate.