Sunday, July 10, 2011


I went onto Youtube today; on the main page were the usual recommended videos; noticed one thumbnail image of a cat firing a gun; cool!

Often when I hear about certain video shorts -- those that end up going viral -- being very funny, I am often left kinda cold... at best, left chuckling: The talking dog one from a few weeks ago was like that. Cute, but....

This one, "Medal of Honor Cat", involving a regular ol' pussy cat, albeit one with a crack shot, had me in stitches...

After I watched it, and settled down from my giggle-fit, I decided to check when the clip was put up: July 9, 2011. Wow; it had, by this early this afternoon, gathered over 800,000 views.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Canadian (low-end) television production company Cineflix is planning to move into the arena of sitcoms and drama.

Good luck. They are asking for trouble. Many a company has ended up in bankruptcy after making such a move. Sitcoms and dramatic television programs are much more expensive to produce, for one thing; a far cry from lifestyle/reality-type fare.

Cineflix can barely put a junky, bottom-of-the-barrel show together -- never mind one with serious scripting and casting considerations.

The Globe and Mail story...

Saturday, July 2, 2011


'The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge' were in Ottawa yesterday as part of Canada Day celebrations. Since they set foot in this country two days ago, I have spent a few minutes here and there catching up on the royal visit.

One thing I have really noticed: William and Catherine are note perfect. They were meant to be together, and to fill the role of Modern Royalty.

The Globe and Mail...