Sunday, May 25, 2014


A friend of mine sent me a link to the above video. He added that Sun News has removed it from their website, but the clip survives on Youtube.

Fourth-rate Toronto journalist Adrienne Batra says this after she introduces her special guest, comedian Scott Vrooman...

"... the CBC... you've written for i-Politics, you've been quite critical of the mother corp. Are you surprised at all that the Friends of the CBC are now coming out and screaming bloody murder? You know, those horrible conservatives, they're cutting the funding, they're cutting this..."

Her point concludes by noting that cuts in broadcasting are happening all around, and Batra is right on that one, but she wraps it in an angry rant typical of that so-called news network. By the way, is "screaming bloody murder" an acceptable journalistic descriptive?

I'm kidding, an axe-grinding rant is standard at SNN. Of course, the interview is one of many segments in high rotation which take shots at the CBC... a network, I should add, which has a legitimate news division.

Watch for this exchange right at the beginning of the clip...

Scott Vrooman: "Thank you for having me, it's an honour to be here on the platform of Canada's foremost intellectual, Ezra Levant."

Adrienne Batra: "Oh, well we love that you said all those wonderful things."

She... she doesn't get it! The stupidity at that station is simply stunning.

Good work, Mr. Vrooman.

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