Saturday, May 31, 2014


"Please go away; it's my time."
Here we go again: The NHL (National Hockey League) will slosh into the month of June as part of its campaign to drag the season out for as long as possible.

The Western Conference final round hasn't even finished yet -- last night the Chicago Blackhawks won Game 6 in Los Angeles against the Kings; so it's a trip back to "The Windy City" for Game 7. (This round cannot, mercifully, go past a seventh match-up; it's mathematically impossible. A 'best-of-seven' will not allow it. All rounds in the playoffs should be 'best-of-five'; partly to spare us the agony of a ridiculously protracted NHL year.)

A couple of evenings ago the New York Rangers eliminated the Montreal Canadiens to take the Eastern Conference final -- they will sit tight and wait for their Stanley Cup final round opponent. Glory and excitement for us all as we are about to frolic in the solstitial summer sun....


DonaldAR said...

And to think, Corey Hart had to postpone his farewell concert for 'the possibility' dem darn loser Habs would go to game 7! Poor Montrealers lose twice!

Barry Smight said...

The Habs weren't "losers" this season * -- they went pretty far in the playoffs -- but, yes, Corey perhaps had too much heart.

(* You were thinking of the Leafs; and for all seasons.)