Sunday, June 1, 2014


Hang on to your fedora while you press your transistor radio close to your ear: Listen to tonight's NHL Western Conference final, Game 7, between the Los Angeles Kings and the Chicago Blackhawks.

The excitement will be when the match actually finishes; regardless of who wins -- although I am cheering for the Kings. The semi final will be history and the final round, the battle for the Stanley Cup, can begin. It's been a long playoffs, which I ranted about last night (here), and the first of the last starts this coming Wednesday; and should end, according to my calculations, by September... just in time for next season.

There are now 27 days between each match-up instead of no days -- or one -- of years ago. The NHL used to schedule playoff rounds this sorta way: Game 1, Monday; Game 2, Tuesday; Game 3, Thursday; Game 4, Friday; and so on until done. The day off, in this case Wednesday, was used to travel to 'the other city'.

The NHL and its clueless leader, Gary Bettman, continue to drift into irrelevancy amongst the professional North American sports leagues. (Football; baseball; basketball; .................... ice hockey.)

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