Thursday, June 12, 2014


Okay!... it's Thursday, June 12th; voting day here in the province of Ontario, Canada. We go to the polls to pick our next Premier.

Will it be the Liberals and leader Kathleen Wynne, the Conservatives and Tim Hudak, or the NDP (New Democratic Party) and Andrea Horwath? (There are other parties, especially the "Greens", but it's obvious it will be one of the 'big three' who win -- probably not the NDP, although they, with Bob Rae, won by a landslide back in September of 1990.)

My real reason for this posting is this: If you are an eligible voter here in Ontario, get out and vote! I hate hearing later that 'voter turnout' was pathetically low... under 50%. These rates have also been low, historically, in the USA. Why do blowhard countries suffer voter apathy?

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