Sunday, June 15, 2014


The Germans are ready for World Cup 2014.

This afternoon I was walking in "The Annex" area of Toronto when I happened to see a discarded Toronto Sun newspaper. My first thought was, "someone actually parted with their money to buy this junk"; then I noticed the infamous "Complimentary Issue" stamp in the top left side of the cover. Awesome. I get my comedy today for no charge!

After I sat down with my much-needed coffee I opened up the unloved paper and: The center-most page is a double-spread picture of the Germany national football team. Awesome! Thank you, Toronto Sun -- you are actually good for something. (Fun fact: Some friends of mine who cannot stand the Sun -- "You read that crappy thing?" -- admit that its 'Sports' section is pretty good.)

The post-provincial-election bitterness continues inside today's edition; and right on cue is Ezra Levant (as I predicted here).

As I walked home with the Toronto Sun newspaper in my hand -- I did not have my carrying bag with me -- I realized suddenly I felt self-conscious. After I got over that odd feeling I made sure I switched over to the "special walk".

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