Saturday, June 7, 2014


My man, my main man, William Shatner is at the Scotiabank Convention Centre this weekend as a special guest of the Niagara Falls Comic Con. I'm sure he really wants to be there -- I say that without sarcasm.

You see, Bill has accepted the fact that he has lots of fans who don't have "a life". It goes with the territory. My friend Bob and I absolutely have crushes on Shatner. With a little help from pints of beer, we giggle like two school girls when we recount moments from commercials or shows that the man has been in. One of us said...

"I love the way that Kirk takes out Colonel Green in 'The Savage Curtain'."

The other recounted...

"Have you seen that commercial he's in? The expression on his face when he sees... "

(Giggles away.) I admit it's pretty pathetic.

Other actors are also at the "Con", but I don't care about them. Who the 'heck' is Chandler Riggs? Was he a starship captain, too?

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