Tuesday, June 3, 2014


The big three: Tim Hudak, Kathleen Wynne, Andrea Horwath.

I cast my ballot yesterday. Here in Ontario, Canada, we are 'heading to the polls' on June 12th as this province holds its 41st General Election. Advance polls are happening this week and I decided to do my thing before I conjure up an excuse not to vote on the big day.

This reminds me of an episode of the great television sitcom All in the Family where blow-hard Archie is at the local polling station to cast his vote with devoted wife Edith at his side. As it turns out, voting records show that the opinionated-about-everything-man has not voted since 1960 (over ten years earlier). It is a very funny moment.

(Did you know that Archie Bunker was proud of the fact that he voted for "Richard E. Nixon"?)

If you are an eligible voter here in Ontario, please vote! Don't run the risk of embarrassing yourself at a polling station years from now; and if you're an opinionated-about-everything-person, back it up with a solid voting record....

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