Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Here in Ontatio, Canada, we went to the polls last Thursday (June 12th) to choose our next Premier. Kathleen Wynne, of the Ontario Liberal Party, ended up keeping her job courtesy of a 'majority' win. Her government was effectively bumped up from minority status to majority... courtesy of Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath when she rejected Wynne's 2014 budget back in late May. (Some people would now say: "Thanks... Andrea!")

My fear two weeks ago was that "voter turnout" would be anemic; which seems to be the standard in, as I mentioned in that post (here), "blowhard countries".

News of how many people got off their butts (and "buts") to vote was released the morning after the election. Word was that turnout was up, about four points, to "just over 52 percent".

On the radio minutes ago was an item stating that official voter numbers will be released today, including full breakdowns: Spoiled ballots, those left blank, etc.

It will be neat to see how many people thought they were making a difference by graffiti-ing their ballots....

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