Saturday, May 17, 2014


So typical is it of me that I post a bit about something that has long gone viral. In this case I'm speaking of that spectacular security video of a family's pet cat defending their four-year-old boy from a neighbour's dog.

What can I add other than this cat lover is not surprised? As a matter of fact I knew the kitty in question was a female even before its name of Tara was revealed. It transpired that Tara was a member of the household when newborn Jeremy was brought home. As I told a friend the day after the video was uploaded to Youtube, it's obvious boy and cat are close.

When I did watch the video I cracked up laughing as a furry blur dispatched the vicious canine. I could not believe the dynamics of the strike: A feline Exocet missile. An Exocat.

The spiral viral vid uploaded by Tara staff-member Roger Triantafilo...

My Cat Saved My Son

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