Wednesday, July 30, 2014


"... to Toronto? You're kidding, right?"
Three bids have been filed in an attempt to capture the Buffalo Bills NFL football property. One of them was submitted by some guy named Donald Trump (there's a building in downtown Toronto named after him... he must be big).

The other filing which interests Toronto City Dwellers like me, is from former popper Jon Bon Jovi and a "Toronto-based group".

Can Toronto really support a National Football League team? (A friend told me that more than a few players in that league are in possession of a criminal record, which would stop them cold at the Canadian border. How would games be played?) Part of an NFL game, so I've heard, is the "tailgate party". Sounds exciting. Apparently these are not allowed in Toronto; and that, to me, sounds like a good law.

Now, this is interesting...

Hall of Famer Andre Reed is not fan of Jon Bon Jovi buying the Bills

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