Saturday, July 19, 2014


To give 'background' to my morning ablutions I often tune into Toronto radio station 680 News (CFTR). One big headline today was this: 'The name of the sole Canadian to die on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has just been released.' Well, not exactly. In fact that news is at least 20 hours old -- which places it in the neighbourhood of... yesterday.

No matter what the timeline, however, losing an ambitious medical student such as 24 year-old Andrei Anghel is sad news. Losing any human being is sad, of course. Mr. Anghel hailed from Ajax, Ontario, and he was travelling with his girlfriend, Olga, to enjoy a long-planned vacation to Bali.

There were a few people on the tragic flight who were en route to Melbourne, Australia, to attend the 20th Annual AIDS conference. They include...

Joep Lange, 59, Netherlands
Jacqueline van Tongeren, Netherlands
Glenn Thomas, 49, United Kingdom

Of course there were many other people on flight MH17 who were just as valuable.

The Globe and Mail...

MH17: Who are some of the victims of the downed Malaysian plane?

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