Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Thanks for my morning humour, Toronto Sun.

A certain letter-to-the-editor was funny in its own right, but the Toronto Sun 'letters' editor wrote the following response which made me burst out laughing; specifically the second sentence...

(Ezra’s great and so is Warren Kinsella. They give our readers a range of informed political opinion you won’t find in any other competing newspaper)

That is so funny, especially if you know the Toronto Sun. It lives in its own little world.

Well, for starters: The Globe and Mail, for example, regularly contains disparate points of view within its pages on any given issue. It also happens to be real newspaper. And there are no childish and insecure comments after letters to the editor.

By the way, the letter in question is hateful. Be sure to check it out here ("Ezra's a Hero").

I did not know that 'we' needed to "crusade" against activists. (?!) Oh, that's right; "activists" are Commies! "Traitors" are those individuals who question certain... things. They're all terrorists!!!

The punchline is this: To some people the act of writing this blog posting makes me a Commie, a Traitor, and a Terrorist.

Thanks, guys, for my morning laugh.


Post Script: A old friend of mine told me the other day that he can't read the Toronto Sun, especially the 'comments' sections, since he finds it all rather depressing. I said: "Are you nuts?! That stuff is comedy gold!"

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