Thursday, July 31, 2014


The Star Trek episode "Amok Time" is first rate: The script (Theodore Sturgeon, and the Trek office writing brigade); direction (Joseph Pevney); acting; set (Walter M. Jefferies); costumes (William Ware Theiss); and music score (Gerald Fried).

After a drawn-out scripting phase, the episode went before the cameras on June 9th, 1967, and shooting continued to the 19th. The attention to detail was worth the effort: "Amok Time" was nominated for a Hugo Award in 1968 as "Best Dramatic Presentation". (It lost to another Trek episode, the incomparable "The City on the Edge of Forever". As a matter of fact, all five Hugo nominations in 1968 were from that series!... back in the day when feature films and television series' were bundled into the same category of "Best Dramatic Presentation". Now, and it's been this way for a while, there are separate departments.)

Here's a frame-grab from 8mm movie film shot on the set of "Amok Time"...

And a still (it could be frame from the 35mm original; a "trim")...

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