Saturday, July 5, 2014


Germany's Mats Hummels 'wins' the match against France, just minutes in.

Hard to believe that this football fan has watched just two games thus far from the World Cup. Both games involved my favourite team (the hint is in the headline).

The first one I watched was the Germany vs Ghana match: It ended in a 2 - 2 draw; I was not unhappy with the final result in that it allowed Ghana to survive to kick another day.

Yesterday I sat down with a tea and watched Germany play France. While I like France very much -- the country is beautiful; I've been there many times -- the final score was of the type I was looking for: 1 - 0

The game could best be described as, to use the word sometimes applied to a game of ice hockey, "chippy". What was really nice about the match was that it contained little of that ugly malady too often associated with the world's most beautiful game: the fake dive and agony.

At any rate: Deutschland!

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