Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Imagine the expression on my face when I heard something special...

In order to hear the news headlines this morning, Toronto radio station 680 News was on my personal listening device; newsreader Paul Cook -- remember that he does not write his copy -- said something along the lines of, "the Toronto Maple Leafs look to be starting next season in balanced shape". The station's sports guy, Peter Gross, picked the story up immediately from that point; he proceeded to explain the Leafs management's behind-the-scenes machinations to improve the actual ice men. (Really what the front office guys should be doing is improving themselves.)

So... as I like to say at opportune times such as this... I guess this means things will be different next year for the Boys in Blue (the Leafs).

For you readers who don't understand the 'Story of the Toronto Maple Leafs', we Torontonians, and fans of that squad -- there are some, believe it or not -- hear the same bleedin' thing: Every; year.

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