Wednesday, July 30, 2014


A friend of mine occasionally uses Youtube to provide the soundtrack of his life. Actually, when he works at home he'll call up a music file on that site in order to provide background music while he plies his trade. He favours film music; I wasn't kidding about a "soundtrack".

I've been slow to do anything like that, although I will, as my regular readers have noticed, check-out music performances or cuts on Youtube and post them on this blog. Since I have a significant music collection at home -- many LPs (in boxes) and about 300 CDs -- my music source tends to be within easy reach.

About a year ago another friend suggested that this disco fan look on Youtube to satiate my need for that wonderful music. Well, last week I did just that and downloaded a 90 minute 'disco mix'.

As I'm prone to say at times, "absolutely wonderful!"

I've been meaning to find my bliss in life. Her name is "Disco".

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