Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Indeed it did. At 31 minutes into the World Cup semi-final match yesterday between Brazil and Germany, that was the score. I had popped on a television to quickly check and as the image was forming my eyes were waiting. "Is that a five?"

I watched for a couple of minutes; turned off the set, and went back out to work. As I approached my coworker he looked at me waiting news about the score. "What?!"

About half an hour earlier I looked at my watch and said to my workmate: "Well, it's five minutes after four... I guess Germany is up one-nil." He laughed. In fact the first German goal was eleven minutes into the match, but my joke was a good one, and prescient... obviously.

My favourite football team won by a score of 7 - 1.

Not only am I blissfully happy that Germany won, but an infamous German word applies most aptly here: "Schadenfreude"


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