Sunday, July 6, 2014


"Miri" is an early first season episode from Star Trek. While it features memorable performances by Kim Darby and Michael J. Pollard, and fine direction from Vincent McEveety, this installment is one that most fans -- from what I understand -- rarely cite as top-drawer. I like "Miri" for its heightened drama, un-rushed and fitting pace, and the way it actually uses kids successfully.

By the way, one of the child actors who appears in "Miri" is (then) eleven year-old Stephen McEveety, nephew of the episode's director. Stephen went on to produce the movie Passion of the Christ... and some other flicks of note. Two of William Shatner's daughters also play rug-rats.

The shoot dates were from August 22 - 30, 1966. (If I remember my Beatles trivia correctly, that special band played their final scheduled public concert within those dates.)

In this publicity still taken at Desilu's Culver City "40 Acres" backlot, we see William Shatner and guest star Kim Darby ("Miri")...

High above still of the clapper-loader readying a slate during a shot at Desilu's "Culver City" backlot...

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