Thursday, July 31, 2014


Fans of the NFL (National Football League) are no doubt monitoring a possible big league transaction. John Kryk, of the QMI Agency, explains...

Toronto group can't match Pegula's first bid on Bills: Sources

As I noted yesterday (here) the Buffalo Bills football franchise is up for grabs. Three parties submitted their numbers as part of the first round in the bidding process: Donald Trump; Jon Bon Jovi and his Merry Toronto Men; and multi-billionaire Terry Pegula.

It looks as though Pegula has very deep pockets; so much so that apparently he can write a cheque for the full amount -- which favours his bid, according to history. From the above Toronto Sun column...

"Fourteen of the past 15 new NFL owners over the past two decades were rich enough to write a cheque for the entire sale amount, whether they had co-investors or not, according to pro-sports-franchise expert Marc Ganis."

My own bid would be for one dollar (U.S.) but that's as far as I'll go on this issue. Toronto does not need the Buffalo Bills, or any NFL franchise, and certainly not tailgate parties.

The Bills belong in Buffalo; they have a history there.

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