Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Earlier today I found out that a new documentary has been produced on one of my favourite filmmakers of all time: Karel Zeman (1910 - 1989)

The late Czech director, writer, artist, designer, and animator was, to me, a supreme motion picture fantasist. Zeman often combined live-action with various "tricks", such as animation and puppetry, to realize his films. (We fans also like the fact that there is a heart and humanity in among the visual trickery.)

There are two feature films of Mr. Zeman's which serve to cement his reputation as a cinematic magician for some of us. The tools of his trade were intertwined with a superb sense of storytelling to produce...

Vynález zkázy (1958) was released in North America as The Fabulous World of Jules Verne. My dad took me to see a later re-release of this one when I was little.

Baron Prášil (1961) was released over here as The Fabulous Baron Munchausen.

The new documentary that I'm looking forward to seeing is titled, Karel Zeman - Adventurer in Film. I agree with what director Tim Burton says about Zeman in the doc's trailer...

Film Adventurer Karel Zeman

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