Saturday, July 5, 2014


I like to think I'm a pretty smart cookie; I'm even interested in aviation matters. However, this star learned some things today from this interesting piece from Brian Clegg of The Observer newspaper...

In-flight science: how the world works when you're sitting on a plane
It's the best place to see a rainbow and the worst place to drink tea… Brian Clegg reveals 21 in-flight facts, from Einstein's influence on GPS to why turbulence is nothing to be scared of

With headings such as, "The wing myth", "Forget electric planes", "Death rays to radar", "Gasholder navigation", "Einstein's satnav", "Beware the vortex", "Turbulence terror", "In-flight radiation", "You can't cure jet lag", "Flying through time", and "Terrible tea", you know you are going to learn something.

"Einstein's satnav" was a brain-full; someone may have to explain that one to me... do write in, folks!

"Turbulence terror"? Are you joking? I love turbulence!

The explanation given for "Flying through time" is bogus. Besides, I've seen the 1960 science fiction classic film, Beyond the Time Barrier. Robert Clarke, with a little help from director Edgar G. Ulmer (of Detour fame), was launched over 60 years into the future -- to the astounding year 2024!

It's a beauty; a terrifically fun, if incredibly bleak, matinee flick. The ending is awesome...

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