Sunday, July 6, 2014


Toronto city 'complainer' Tommy Lenathen.

For some reason I thought that Doug Ford, brother of Toronto 'mayor' Rob Ford, was the slightly less insane of the two. Now and again, I would question my own sanity. The following story definitely convinces me that the two siblings are essentially one and the same...

‘Go to hell,’ Doug Ford tells autistic son’s dad after integrity complaint
Councillor Doug Ford said Tommy Lenathen should “go to hell.” Rob Ford’s campaign manager also accused Lenathen of being part of a “jihad.”

Douglas fails to realize, for some bizarre reason, that a citizen of this great city has every right to file a complaint with Toronto's integrity commissioner. It's in the books.

City employee Tommy Lenathen has done nothing wrong in that regard. Doug Ford resorts, as many right-wingers do when something does not go their way, to discrediting anyone who is "not of the body". Pathetic; not my Star Trek reference so much ("The Return of the Archons"), but Doug Ford.

Mayoral candidate John Tory outdoes me for articulating what the problem is here...

“Councillor Doug Ford's comments about the father of an autistic boy are disgraceful and totally unacceptable for an elected official – let alone the Mayor's campaign manager and closest confidante... Using a loaded and inflammatory term like ‘jihad’ to describe legitimate criticism is pathetic and shows that the Fords just don't get it.”

No. I, for one, am not "of the body"; I'm from the Valley....

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