Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Am I along in thinking that 2013 was okay? I'm hearing a lot from the media -- and its stock pundits -- that 2013 was a rotten year. ("Business" writers and opinionators have hard data to reference in helping them form opinions and a final verdict, of course.)

Maybe I just need more time to consider what 2013 meant to me.

* I discovered Theatre of the Mind on Toronto's AM740 "Zoomer radio" (here). Airing between 10pm and 11pm Monday to Thursdays, this framework series showcases good ol' old radio drama and comedy; including Boston Blackie, Duffy's Tavern, Our Miss Brooks, and Suspense. To me these are lots of fun.

* I met some fine and talented people.

* I survived the ice storm which hit Toronto and surrounding area. Very soon I hope to provide some details, most of which are humorous; coming from a little inconvenience, serving to remind me how lucky and blessed we are in Ontario, Canada.

* I focused my energies even more on personal development and projects. My creativity, never a weakness in my life, making up for several weakness' in my life, was running at an all-time high. Hopefully I can maintain the course and see several endeavours through to fruition.

* I discovered, and have accepted, just how fast a single year can fly by. (My dad warned me about this: the older you get, the faster time flies.)

* While I'm not, and never have been, a "sweet tooth", I discovered almond-laced white chocolate. That's it, though. The introduction came way of free samples, but I have no plans to continue with its consumption. Besides, I'm way too cheap to actually pay for almond-laced white chocolate.

If I think of any more meanings for me in the astounding year of 2013, I'll be sure to update this blog posting....


Greg Woods said...

Not certain if some of the material here is mention to be satirical, O Smight, but be that as it may, your post is delightfully humbling. Especially in light of the disaster many people have survived in the past weeks, we've learned to appreciate "little victories" all the more.

Mr. Smight, are you one to make resolutions in the new year? If so, I hope one of them is to continue writing on here more... your voice is too unique not to share. It may sound oversimplified, because it's easy for us to get bogged down in our every day routines, but a mutual friend once told me five years ago: "MAKE time. Even if it's five minutes." As time continues to slip by, I realize more than ever how right he was, and will attempt to abide by that rule even more. Life is too short to preclude ourselves from the things that define us! Don't let them win!

Barry Smight said...

I hope to get back into posting regularly. Correction: I will post regularly.

Thanks for the kind words. With all due respect to Newton Minow, the Internet is a vast wasteland. I do my best to add something special -- or at least I generally try my best.

Christmas morning I stepped onto a TTC subway platform; as I awaited for a train, and thought about my previous night of sleeping in a cold apartment, I looked up at the video monitor and noticed a headline saying something about 50,000 people rendered homeless in flooding overseas. Yes, I made the 'connection' very quickly: Inconvenience is a bitch, ain't it?