Thursday, January 9, 2014


I'm relaxing at home here watching a terrific DVD set titled "American Film Treasures IV Avant Garde 1947-1986". After watching a few inspiring experimental films, I decided to check the final score of the NHL game between the Carolina Hurricanes and the Toronto Maple Leafs: Carolina 6 - Toronto 1.


The hapless Leafs have lost three in a row: 7-1, 5-3, 6-1.


I took a break and popped on the radio to AM640 News Talk Radio; they do post game phone-in shows; I can revel in the heartbreak from the callers. The host of the show, Andy Frost, said: "Something has to change... it's not just the fact they lost; it's the way they lost."

Oh, I must not forget to tune in to AM740 for their "Theatre of the Mind"; Sherlock Holmes is what it is -- I've never been big on detective murder-mystery thingies -- but A Day in the Life of Dennis Day is very funny. "With George Duning and the orchestra"?


I'm working on a small backlog of postings. Stay tuned to this station....

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