Saturday, January 18, 2014


"I think it'd be best you took that comment back, Mr. Okmyx...."

Entertainment columnist for the Toronto Sun, Steve Tilley, is trying to be funny, I know, but what he says about the new Star Wars film, I agree with: Specifically I'm in tune with his feelings that J.J. Abrams and Co (Disney!) should move on in the Star Wars Universe, and not bring back Han, Luke, and Leia...

Why adding Luke, Leia and Han to 'Star Wars 7' could be a bad thing

Tilley's feeble smark about Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill not having leading roles in a motion picture in years, is ridiculous; those actors were perfect as Leia and Luke, after all... no question. Also, Mr. Tilley should not "care" too much about these characters. They are from a movie -- they do not exist in reality. However, I'm happy to hear that he is able to let them go. But, again, I agree with the columnist in that, no, 'no more of the same, please'. I doubt I'll see Star Wars No 7, and it is only a movie, but: Please.

I've blogged about this issue before (if you care, do a search within this blog), and my feelings have not changed in the matter: No more Han, Luke, Leia, or Chewbacca; no more Millennium Falcon; no more Tatooine; no more C-3PO, no more R2 units of any kind.

"... How rude!"

Do something else.

There's a whole universe out there, waiting to be explored!


Tibor said...

I'm really hoping that they utilize CGI only when necessary. Even with the alien creatures having a suit that's enhanced by CGI would be more visually pleasing that a full-on CGI creature....kinda like they did with "Where The Wild Things Are". As for the lead actors, keeping them to a secondary role is the only way to go. Harrison for sure doesn't want to keep doing these!

Barry Smight said...

I totally agree with you on the CGI point you make.

Yes, the focus should not be on the the 'old' SW characters.

Thanks for the comment!