Thursday, January 16, 2014


That title above should not give you the impression that I think "most" kids are not well-adjusted. However, every so often I bump into young men from Royal St. George's College, a private boys school here in Toronto's "Annex" neighbourhood. They go about their business in a very civilized manner, chatting about this and that, and walking with the air of confident people who know how to behave and act in public, in addition to knowing where they are going in life.

This does not make me feel insecure about my own time when I was that age (7 to 18?) -- I seem to remember having a hard time learning how to walk fully erect, and remembering to refrain from dragging the backs of my hands along the pavement -- but seeing these well-behaved young men gives me hope for the future of this great country of Canada. Of course, I am well aware that they generally come from privilege (that is a pricey private school) and there is some pressure to continue the family tradition; complete with the inherent ideas and ideals of leadership and success.

I was happy if I made it through the school day. And now I'm paying for it....


Jon said...

I do some work with that school, and have met some of the students. They are indeed well-mannered.

For the privileged aspect, the school's management does make a specific effort to include scholarship students who come from less wealthy backgrounds. My impressions is that they are aware of possible hazards in having an "exclusive" environment and try to avoid it.

Barry Smight said...

I would believe that they do welcome scholarship students from less wealthy backgrounds. That makes good sense.

Thanks for the info and comment!