Friday, January 24, 2014


Charles Lane of the Washington Post feels that the Olympic Games should be terminated -- I agree.

There is so much corruption and huge financial costs involved with staging the it-was-a-good-idea event, and I have never believed that countries and cities actually benefit from hosting the Summer or Winter Olympics; what ends up happening is the complexes built for various events end up under-utilized once everyone goes home, and in the worst cases, those assemblages end up as veritable ghost-towns.

I remember hearing during the 1976 Olympics that 'Montreal will end up paying for this for twenty years'. When you're a kid, that time frame is unfathomable. Let's not even get into the issue of the "Big O" (or "Big Owe").

Let's not forget that very often the Olympics are heavily politicized: The athletes must feel at times as though they are pucks in a shuffleboard game.

And here comes Sochi....

It should be game over for the Olympics


Jon said...

Article in today's Globe about a Canadian businessman who was talked out investing in a bar in Sochi by friends who feared that the high level of corruption would result in consequences after the games end. Most likely, anyone who isn't a Putin crony will be "investigated" and their property "impounded" for a year or two, ultimately winding up in the hands of Putin and said cronies.

Barry Smight said...


I wrote a follow-up to the piece but have to upload.

Thanks for the comment.