Friday, January 10, 2014


Last night I posted a piece (here) mentioning Toronto radio station AM740 "Zoomer radio" and their series "Theatre of the Mind". An old NBC radio show they play is A Day in the Life of Dennis Day. Well, the one I listened to last night was titled "Football Plays".

At one point during my listen I heard, at least I think I did, one of the characters say "I wanna listen to Jack Palance and sports". I thought: "Did I just hear Jack Palance's name mentioned?" I tuned-in even more closely as the program's characters listened to the sports: That does sound like a young Jack Palance.

I have not researched the issue, but it would make sense that that was indeed Jack Palance since he did get into acting shortly after the war -- this episode was from 1948.

When I get a few minutes I research further....

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Greg Woods said...

Was he called Jack in 1948? In his first appearance (The Halls of Montezuma), he is credited as Walter Palance.