Saturday, October 4, 2014


On Friday morning while undertaking my daily ablutions, something emanated from the radio which stopped my razor in its tracks...

“Ford — what does it stand for? Falsify. Overstate. Repeat. Deny.”

Once I stopped laughing I went back to work; eliminating unwanted facial hair.

When I looked good enough -- almost -- to go out in public I forgot about the spot-on summation of Toronto mayoral candidate Doug Ford (brother of Rob).

When I had some time later in the day to investigate further I did an Internet search and came across this...

Ari Goldkind spells out criticism of Doug Ford

The funny quip was made by some guy -- who Doug Ford describes as a "big, rich defence attorney" who is out of touch with "hard-working people" -- also running for mayor of Toronto, named Ari Goldkind.

Two things: A) Mr. Goldkind has a sense of humour. B) I am sooo hard done by, Mr. Ford.

I'm readying to go to work; yes, it's an early day for me.

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