Thursday, March 27, 2014


The wonderful CBC "Digital Archives" presents: "Slackers"

From nineteen years ago (December 6th, 1994) this four-minute program from CBC Alberta News profiles two twenty-something men and their polar opposite lifestyles. One, Mark, is the prototypical "slacker"; spending a lot of time in coffee shops, reading, smoking, oh, and drinking lots of coffee, while doing some off-topic thinking such as which friend's couch he'll have to float to for the next night in the chain of existence. The other guy featured in the story is Brian. He likes to rise early, work out with weights, shower, get dressed and go to his job with a collections agency. Brian plans to keep achieving.

(It would be interesting to find out where these two young men are today.)

Non-slacker Brian is asked by reporter Catherine Legge where he is financially: About 65 grand this year, 1994.

Mark is asked the same question: Just watch....

Trivia: While the laptop computer certainly did exist in 1994, there was a curious lack of them in coffee shops back then.

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