Monday, March 31, 2014


You see, I'm looking for a regular job. A good friend of mine is looking for a regular job (here). Here in Toronto are many, many openings for unpaid internships in the film and television fields. We both realize, having worked for years in Toronto's so-called film & tv biz, that it's barely short of a blatant scam; my buddy and I laugh when we see job adverts for intern positions stating "make contacts in the business!"

That's the film and television field; unfortunately, the malady of unpaid internship openings is far and wide. It's also a major concern in the U.K., as evidenced by the wave of recent similarly-themed articles in its press.

Hey, guys! Save your efforts when posting those job openings: "We need Free Labour, today!"

Columnist Heather Mallick of the Toronto Star...

Unpaid interns are this generation's slaves: Mallick
The Ontario government crackdown on unpaid internships is long overdue


Tibor said...

I read that article and barely got to the end. All I could think was..."Thank God I never had kids". People have to keep an eye on corporations and the government. They are forever looking to screw us.

Barry Smight said...

"They" are. The problem is most leaders in corporations and government come from a class of privilege. They don't know what it's like to just get by.

Yes, as is the case with an old friend of mine, I was never comfortable with the idea of bringing kids into this world. It (The State of Sol-3) is only going to get worse....