Tuesday, March 18, 2014


There are some secrets we keep, even from our appreciated readers: I am a fan of the old British science fiction television series Blake's 7, which ran from 1978 to 1981 on BBC1.

In the fall of 1990 television station WNED (the PBS affiliate in Buffalo, NY) started running the program on Sunday mornings. Although I watched a few episodes I never really bit into it being, as Blake's 7 creator Terry Nation described it, a "dirty dozen in space". I first heard of the show back in 1978 when reading an issue of Fantastic Films magazine (remember that?) which printed a full episode guide in addition to a series overview.

A few years ago I watched several episodes from the first "series" (as the Brits term a show's season) and slowly, but fastly, I became enamoured with Blake's 7. About a year ago I delved briefly into the second series but stopped for no particular reason other than the usual distractions in life; but I have just now decided to dig in when some free time comes up.

What made me make an effort to revisit the show is when I stumbled upon a couple of Youtube videos: They are from San Jose station KTEH and were recorded back in 1987, when they were running Blake's. The one I'm posting here is a studio interview -- in two parts -- with actor Paul Darrow, who played the show's most fascinating and engaging character, Avon. (The other is of creator Terry Nation, whom I will post about very soon.)

This engrossing half-hour program (25 minutes) is relatively 'recent' in that it was done just six years after Blake's wrapped up its storyline.

The man is a charmer, just like the character he portrayed on Blake's 7 a few years earlier. One can see how Darrow channeled some of his own personality into Avon. Just watch; if you are familiar with the standout series you will see what I mean. Enjoy!...

Paul Darrow Blake's 7 Interview (KTEH) Part 1

Paul Darrow Blake's 7 Interview (KTEH) Part 2

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