Friday, March 14, 2014


"Hey, I meant eh, eh?"

"Pierre Karl Peladeau surprised us by running under the Parti Quebecois banner, but it won't change Sun News."

So claims Sun Media's electronic puppet station Sun News Network.

Former Quebecor chairman and blowhard Monsieur Péladeau has decided to run for the sun with the misanthropic and racist Parti Quebecois. He will run in the riding of Saint-Jerome, which is north of Montreal.

Péladeau was the CEO of Quebecor, owner of QMI Agency, Sun Media newspapers, and, of course, the Sun News Network.

This from Pierre Péladeau: "I am a sovereigntist."

My first reaction was: "Good for you, sir. Good for you."

My second reaction was: "Wait a minute! Anyone who does not buy into the endless propaganda put forth by media companies such as the Toronto Sun and Sun News network is accused of being not a real Canadian, but a "commie!"; those who do not say "Canada First", are against us. Well, isn't the Parti Quebecois 'against us'?"


DonaldAR said...

Non! Commie my derrière! "Péladeau is Quebec corporate royalty," Michelle Gagnon (CBC News) suggests. Perhaps this is the rebranding of the PQ as the "Parti Quebecor." Given the PQ's traditional leaning towards labour, let's hope this will be a Matter-antimatter reaction for the Separatists!

Barry Smight said...

You are right. Yeah, I meant the title as a spin on contradiction. Guys like Péladeau are so far removed from the general populace, Quebec or the rest of Canada, that they share little with the common citizen. The only thing is: many from the Separate Nation tag a mega-company like Quebecor as a paragon of the New and Prosperous Quebec... a nation that hardly needs Canada in order to prosper.

Thanks for your comment!