Saturday, March 23, 2013


Normally when I read the Washington Post, before I scan the news headlines, I look for the juicy high-brow stuff. The kind that comes from the pen of George F. Will or Charles Krauthammer, their right-wing leanings be darned.

One headline in Friday's Post, the website, was this; "Smart Mouth: Native American dining in Toronto."

I had to investigate further.

The piece was written by Boston-based writer Steve Jermanok; he writes a daily blog called

I say that because I am going to crib-quote a section from his WP story...

"Once a staple for Lewis and Clark, pemmican was the protein powder of yesteryear, dried bison crushed into a concentrate and mixed with cooked fat upon dining. [chef] Bear Robe’s version is far more appealing: tender strips of bison marinated in a mahogany sauce and topped with peas and Saskatoon berries (blueberries with a bit more tang), served atop pan-fried bread."

I am so there!

"There" is...

Keriwa Cafe
1690 Queen St. West, (just east of Roncesvalles)

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