Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have a question for the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation): With The Hour getting such abysmal ratings -- 30,000 viewers per show nationwide (eek) -- why do you refuse to do some important retooling? For one, get rid of George Stroumboulopoulos and replace him with someone else. I could offer some names of my own, but this is a good time to audition. Re-tooling worked on your 'afternoon show' when you replaced The Gil Deacon Show with Steven and Chris. Gil Deacon was bad, primarily because the titular host was not comfortable in front of a camera... "Not a natural" is how a friend of mine put it. You kept the same basic idea but changed hosts. Even though I do not watch the show -- I have seen bits -- it is clear that Steven and Chris are a huge improvement.

Stroumbo does not always look comfortable interviewing guests. He appears to struggle in order to keep up with some of them, especially the more "intellectual" types, and, at times, he just embarrasses himself.

Make a move!

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