Sunday, March 15, 2009


I watched the television animated series Clone Wars tonight... one episode, at least. While I have seen an installment or two before on tape, this was the first time my attention was engaged; must be the watching-live thing.

What a total waste of time. As Globe and Mail writer John Doyle might say, "Crap!". The animation is terribly uninteresting, with surfaces, including skin, metal, plastic, and sand, all coming across with a super-matte finish. Where is the glossy enamel look? Isn't R2-D2 a little shiny in places? It's as though everything is painted using flat colours and then given a once over with Krylon [TM] matte spray. Clone Wars is an ugly looking show with a narrative about as interesting as one of Fred Flintstone's home movies.



enjonze said...

Star Wars has become so bland and tedious, and Lucas exerts such a tight headlock on this thing that there is no longer any oxygen going to the brain. And you're right, Barry, the animation is drab and lifeless.

How you f--k up something as fun as Star Wars originally was is beyond me. But then again, it *is* George's to ruin.

This is the reason there are 500 channels. There must be something better on somewhere.

Barry Smight said...

Yes, Star Wars used to be so much fun! You are right when you state that this is George's baby. His autonomy -- which I greatly admire -- allows him to do whatever he pleases. Good for him; but maybe bad for certain fans who cannot "let go"!