Sunday, October 27, 2013


The Brits sure know how to make behind-the-scenes docs for television programs. Case in point is the 55 minute-long video called "Trials and Tribulations" (which was included as a featurette on the Doctor Who DVD set "Trial of a Time Lord"). The sixth incarnation of The Doctor on Doctor Who was played by Colin Baker. I remember seeing a story in the Toronto Star when he was cast in the role of the famous Time Lord. The picture was in colour which, to put it mildly, was shocking: The outfit designed for Baker was... horrible! I must have thought it was a joke.

It was no joke. Watch this fascinating documentary that covers the dramatic years of Colin Baker's turn in Doctor Who (spanning 1984-1986). Trivia: The program was cancelled at one point by BBC One controller Michael Grade, but came back. If you are interested in the show itself, and even if you cannot stand "The Sixth Doctor", this is required viewing. It is brutally honest in so many ways...


DonaldAR said...

Compelling documentary! And to be brutally honest: I would give my left Tardis for a night with Peri Brown!

DonaldAR said...

P.S. Found this related clip:
on Michael Grade. Amazing testament to the show that it survived this toffer!

Barry Smight said...

It is quite compelling. As for Peri: I remember a friend of mine telling me about the new companion Peri. He was impressed.

Michael Grade is what the British would call a wanker. His line in the doc about seeing Star Wars, Close Encounters, and E.T. is bizarre. Hello!... those are feature films! They can afford to be more elaborate. And, Doctor Who did not have cardboard things running along the floor; they were made of the usual materials -- wood, plastic, metal... whatever.

Grade was, for whatever reason, definitely intimidated by the series.

Thanks for your comment and link!