Tuesday, October 1, 2013


These last few days have been busy for me, which explains my silence (hooray!) these past few days.

Some notes...

* On the weekend I managed to squeeze-in a viewing of the movie The Social Network. Very good. Terrific cast.

* I'm currently half-way through Quentin Tarantino's 2012 violence-expletive Django Unchained. Very good, so far. But... I've always suspected this, but now I'm convinced that Mr Tarantino gets off on violence. (As an antidote I may watch Hercules Unchained.)

* Yesterday I read an article on the finale of the television series Breaking Bad. Great; that saved me from having to watch it. (A few weeks ago I watched the first episode -- that was enough.)

* The radio is on in my apartment: apparently the Toronto Maple Leafs play their first game of the 2013-2014 NHL season; tonight in Montreal against the Canadiens. "Pundits" are sound-bited as saying that this year should be different for "our boys in blue". I burst out laughing every time I hear this. No... the Leafs will wipe out, yet again.

* Speaking of sports: Yesterday I happened to see the front of a newspaper and saw some headline about the Toronto Blue Jays ending their season. What? I thought that with all the big player acquisitions a year ago the Jays were going to go somewhere this baseball season. "Sports people" are hilarious, if a little dim.

* The U.S. government is shutting down today? Will anyone notice a difference?....


Greg Woods said...

Barry my man-- when you finish Django Unchained, I'd love to chat about it, if the spirit moves you.

Barry Smight said...

Brother Greg,

The spirit moves me, all right. So much so that my next blog posting is on my reactions to the film. They are what's referred to as a 'mixed bag'.

Soon; later tonight.

DonaldAR said...

My favourite commentary on the end of "Breaking Bad" series, courtesy of the Onion: http://youtu.be/DvGCYyZPYPg

Barry Smight said...

Thanks for the link!