Sunday, February 9, 2014


Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Minister, S.S. Lt. Chris Alexander.

There is definitely a war on the immigrant here in Canada. I'm not suggesting the average Canadian feels this way, but the typical neoconservative actually believes that the invading immigrants are here to take our jobs and suck off the welfare system and contribute nothing to our wonderful society. These Cons forget, of course, through ignorance of basic Canadian history, that we were all immigrants to this great nation at one time or another. As a former colleague of mine put it so succinctly: "Where did we come from?"

Oh, I forgot, silly me and my former colleague: "We were here first!" (And I'll continue to thank my lucky stars that I was here first. It's been serving me well all these years.)

Toronto Star columnist Haroon Siddiqui has something important to say...

How to read Ottawa’s latest immigration changes: Siddiqui
Latest reforms to Citizenship Act show once again that federal Conservatives never tire of demonizing immigrants.

The photo affixed to the above article has this disturbing caption...

"As Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander heralded the 'strengthening' of the Citizenship Act, he slipped in such measures as tripling the fee and giving himself the power to grant and strip citizenship."

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