Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Toronto entertainment/television journalist Bill Harris spoke up about an issue which I find has been omitted in stories about the passing of actor/writer/comedian Harold Ramis: The talented Mr. Ramis was in the first season of the brilliant sketch comedy series Second City Television (SCTV), which ran back in 1976-1977. Not only was he "head writer" for the premiere season but, because of the fact he was so memorable ("that's socialist talk, Tom!"), Ramis seemed to have been involved with that show longer than he actually was. Missing just the first few episode premieres, I watched "Second City" (as it was itemized in TV Guide at the time) during that first year, and when the second season started in 1978, I remember being disappointed that Harold Ramis was missing in action.

The multi-role man went on to a prolific career in film and television... this part is being reported in the obituaries on Ramis, but for some reason his SCTV work -- which introduced me to him -- is being neglected, if mentioned at all, in these tributes.

Thank you, Mr. Harris...

Don't forget SCTV when admiring the lengthy resume of Harold Ramis

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