Saturday, February 8, 2014


While I was on Youtube earlier today I decided to see if 'original' fan-film filmmaker Don Glut had anything uploaded. He has quite a few works up on the site. This lead me to a video spot by some guys who run a show of some kind titled Opie & Anthony. The specific episode that I watched is a funny bit called "Opie & Anthony Star Wars Fan Film". Soon after I pressed play I realized what their schtick is. And, in this case at least, it is quite funny...

Opie & Anthony Star Wars Fan Film

A sampling of my favourite lines from Opie and Anthony...

"Why would you do this?..."

"Good death scene, dude; you nailed it."

"They should do 'The Secret of Girls', and they all look at a vagina and try to identify it."

... I had to stop writing this posting after transcribing that last line.


Tibor said...

I don't know...sure the effects are not the greatest but do they deserve to be pounded into the ground for it? I've noticed this "pile on" mentality from the anonymous internet horde that makes not want to make another movie again!

Barry Smight said...

Fair point.

Thanks for your comment!