Friday, September 19, 2014

307 +

Yesterday, this opinionated blowhard made a prediction -- here -- regarding the "historic vote for Scottish independence". I'll save myself keying-in too much text today and just copy and paste yesterday's posting, with a minor adjustment: The new stuff is highlighted in red ink...

The Scottish Independence referendum is very interesting to me, and the final result of today's vote is highly anticipated. I am not a Scot but my own feeling is for a "yes" vote.

Most polls are calling for a very (extremely) close win; yes or no. Tomorrow morning, we will know.

History shows that whenever a like referendum is voted upon, the "yes" side tends to be triumphant. (Here in Canada, back in 1995, the Quebec vote for independence provided one of the few "no" ways. Oh, and there's the Scotland vote of 2014... I had forgotten about that one.)

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