Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Not long ago I was handed a copy of These Are the Voyages TOS - Season One, Marc Cushman's book detailing production of Star Trek's opening salvo of 29 episodes, and two pilots. As per my usual habit I quickly sampled a few sections, with the intention to read it later from head-to-tail. My brief sneak peek resulted in me thinking one key word; "magnificent". Running almost 700 pages, the document will require some time for me to fully cover.

TOS - Season One has been winning rave reviews, from the reading public and reviewers. I can see why -- the level of research is stunning! So much of immense interest to Trekkers like me is contained within: Memos; ratings; budgets; rare photos; and general behind-the-scenes stories.

The delay in reading These Are the Voyages TOS - Season One has been long enough. Maybe I should just book-off the next week from life to read this. (Then I can get a life.)

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