Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Catherine Rampell, opinion writer for the Washington Post, posts a piece today of interest regarding the University degree and the job search ...

The college degree has become the new high school degree

Yes, welcome to "degree inflation". The college degree has become the new high school diploma.

To adjust for Jed Clampett's classic line: "Jethro's the one with the high school diploma."

My faithful readers will notice I spoke this morning about the high number of Canadians with university/college degrees/diplomas (here). Well, it seems that in the U.S., people looking for work should probably possess a baccalaureate education when applying. ("Those without a baccalaureate education need not apply.")

One reason for the demand, I think, and I've noticed this happening here in Canada, is that it significantly reduces the number of submissions. A two inch stack of resumes automatically gets lowered to one inch. More than a few times I've seen job postings which specify "must have a university degree". My retort is direct and succinct: "You need a university degree for that?"....

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