Saturday, May 25, 2013


While in a friend's neighbourhood this morning, I thought I would give him a call to see if he was free for a coffee.

He relented...

As we sat and enjoyed our freshly-brewed, he broke the news that he and his wife went to see Star Trek Into Darkness last night.

"Just a sec, man. I need more sugar..."

... As I sat back down in my chair I asked him what he thought of the film, now that I'd soon be in-synch courtesy of the double shot of refined sugar. He tilted his head from side to side and said "I went in with an open mind." (Gee, he's no fun.)

My friend basically took the film for what it offered: An awful lot of action; things that make absolutely no sense; some very funny moments ("Simon Pegg [as Scotty] steals the movie"); a James Bond-type opening, and plot structure; the writers perhaps going overboard in doing things to deliberately surprise you and go against what "you were probably expecting"; and good 2-D (he saw it in a regular theatre; awesome).

He went into more detail than that but that was the idea.

At one point during his descriptive bits and pieces, he warned me about potential "spoilers".

"I don't care."

My buddy-in-geek wasn't too fond of the first J.J. Abrams Star Trek (2009). I remember his email to me back in May of that year -- he saw it before I did: "Lot's of exploding goodness."

After we talked for a few minutes on the subject of his reactions I decided to ask an important question: "So... what did the civilian think?"

Facial expression of "huh?"

"Your wife..."

"Oh! She liked it."

(I spilled coffee down my already stained "white" shirt -- before we got on the topic.)

My point is...? I must have a point. Think fast! Oh... I love hearing what people think of a high-profile movie after they jump past the hype and see the actual movie.


DonaldAR said...

Just saw it in IMAX 3D glory. It was spectacular, yes; but it was also well directed and well acted. TreKeactionaries - er - I'm sorry; 'critics' - can quibble over the re-use of plot devices and against revisionism, etc. The unwashed masses enjoying J.J.s ripping adventure tale are not listening. Never mind that the excellent cast, especially Zachary Quinto (whom I hated in "Heroes") Karl Urban and Simon Pegg could probably carry a much worse script.

I hope we can still be friends, Mr. Smight?

Barry Smight said...

Of course, ol' chum. It's just a movie, and I have nothing against it (I haven't seen it). I'm just not interested.

Yes, my old friend; the many films we've seen together over the years -- The Intruder, Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens, The Violent Years, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Wittgenstein, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Red Rock West, Manufacturing Consent, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Beat Girl, Titicut Follies, Like Water For Chocolate, Easy Rider, El Mariachi, Desperado, The Wild Angels, and so many more I'm forgetting for the moment -- fortifies our already esteemed friendship to such exalted heights that it cannot be shattered, not even by some space-cadet film for which I do not give a toss.

(If you can think of more titles, this would only serve to bond us further. We are "'Celluloid' Brothers", you and I.)

Awesome news that you enjoyed Into Darkness!

Greg Woods said...

You sure have spent a lot of HTML on something you're not interested in.

Barry Smight said...

Me not caring to see the film is not the point of the various postings. There are stories within.