Thursday, May 23, 2013


"It's okay, Spock, they're just numbers."
Part of my week, or parts of my week, consists of meeting friends and colleagues for a cuppa.

Yesterday involved one of those all-important sessions. Typical topics of conversation include: Star Trek; history; Star Trek; the film and television business in Toronto; Star Trek; movies; Star Trek; cats; Star Trek; books; Star Trek; politics...

During our conversation the subject of Star Trek Into Darkness came up; I told my coffee date that I have no desire to see the flick, and he told me he's decided against seeing it after learning that "Khan" is the villain. ("What a boring pick that was... Why did Abrams do that?")

To be specific, my friend said he is "protesting" the film -- probably through new found ambivalence, which was the way I read him.

After that somewhat protracted conversation we went back to our coffee; for some reason it tasted extra-good.


The above is basically what I had originally intended this posting to be, until I looked for a picture to accompany my Earth-shattering piece: As a search result, this came up (from Forbes Magazine online)...

"Weekend Box Office: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Opens With 'Just' $84 Million"

Written by Scott Mendelson, the story, being from a financial magazine such as Forbes, gets into some numbers and number-crunching, and projections; all of which I find interesting. (What I gather from reading the article, maybe 'protesting' is at work here, to some degree.)

If you don't care about movie "box office" issues -- you just want to see the movie and hopefully enjoy it as entertainment -- then don't bother with this...

Otherwise, enjoy! And enjoy!

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