Thursday, May 30, 2013


Minutes ago I decided to open my apartment balcony door to take in some direct sunshine. I'd been working away here and realized I needed a "smoke break", even though I do not smoke.

I remembered hearing that it's supposed to hit 30 degrees Celsius today in the great city of Toronto. As part of fire education in our younger years, we kiddies were taught to feel the door for warmth or heat before throwing it open in haste.

Fine, the door was 'normal'. I opened it, and all I can say to describe the sensation is that it felt as though I was opening an oven door... one that had been off for a few minutes but there was still some heat retention.

Toronto's had off-and-on warmth this year but I guess that May 30th is the first day of the heatwave-type heat.

For those readers who may not know Toronto's weather patterns: We get big swings in temperature. The worst of the winter can produce finger-snapping lows of -15 degrees Celsius (not counting "wind chill"), or colder, of course; and the summer can get, and easily maintain, highs of 35 degrees Celsius (not counting "humidity index", which makes it all rather "disgusting").

The best part is, and this might be the residual "British" matter in many of us, we will often complain about it all during those peaks -- that includes me, by the way; more with the extreme heat. (One friend of mine absolutely abhors the peak heat.)

Dear Travellers,

Plan your trips carefully. But enjoy Toronto; it's great. As a general rule, and I cop this from a British bloke I met recently who's here on a work-visa, the people are nice, the city's clean, there's "good public transport", and there's lots of air-conditioned buildings (I added that last one).

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